Petric (Canada)

Like many teenagers who have a dream of one day getting up on stage and playing their music, brothers Tom and Jason Petric, along with their long-time friend Jordan Day have always had a fire burning inside to entertain audiences and push themselves to newer and greater levels. Hailing from Transcona Manitoba, Petric have been fulfilling this dream and making new fans everywhere they go.

At age 13 Jason commandeered his grandmother’s basement, set up a drum-kit and a few amps, and began a journey of a life time. The eldest of the two Petric boys ventured on his own for a few years, releasing two solo albums and touring as a back-up guitarist for many Manitoba acts. It was during these early years where Jason and Jordan Day would meet and form their first band together. Touring all across Manitoba, playing festivals and clubs, younger brother Tom, always shared some part of whatever show or project his older brother had going on, basically grew up on stage. His smooth, powerful vocals, has captured audiences from the first time he ever opened his mouth to sing. Their natural harmonies, party-rocking vibe, and dynamic chemistry the three of them share on stage makes is easy to see why Petric is making an impact on the country music scene.

In 2015 at the Canadian County Music Association Awards and Conference in Edmonton, Petric met Dallas Smith, who instantly recognised Petric’s talent and began to work with them.

Petric released their debut EP “Here Goes Everything” in 2015 which quickly became a fan favourite and their first TOP 20 at Canadian country radio. The band have gone on to chart 7 songs at country radio, 3 TOP 20’s, and over 13 million online streams. Their single All She Wrote collectively has over 3 millions streams alone.

With their latest single Déjà Vu released in September 2020 and gaining traction world wide, the bands highly anticipated album FLASHBACKS is scheduled for release January 2021. Produced by Grammy nominated, Canadian producer Chris Baseford (Meghan Patrick, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback)

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December 9, 2020