Col Finley

There’s a very good reason why award-winning country music veteran, Col Finley has been at the forefront of Australia’s country music scene for over three decades. Extremely well-crafted songs, dedication, exceptional work ethic, a killer live show and a long-lasting connection with fans, are all the essential ingredients to become one of Australia’s most successful independent recording and touring artists. With over 30 years in the music industry under his belt, Col has recorded and released six successful commercial albums. He has dabbled in acting and written songs that have featured in film and television, including the box office, smash Wolf Creek, Valentine and Television Shows such as MDA and The Real Sea Change. But it all started a little different than most, as Col’s career was with RAAF as a police dog handler (Military Police) and with the encouragement of his senior officers and fellow service members, he eventually launched himself into a full-time career in the Australian Music Industry.

This illustrious ride has taken Col to the top of the ARIA and country music charts as well as playing internationally in some of the world’s leading venues and music festivals. Songwriting was instilled in Col from the very early stages of his career. His songwriting ability drew inspiration from real-life stories and of his journey discovering a life well lived and truly loved. Col’s simplistic way of bringing songs to a life focused on subjects such as his love for family, his country and its heritage, and his abuse of drugs and alcohol. Dark days saw him struggle for 14 years to be clean and to learn to live with anxiety and depression and his latest single “Living Your Best Life” grew from these ashes.

“Living Your Best Life” is a mantra that Col and his family have been centred around for the past few years, with life being so unpredictable and everyone is unsure of the future. Col’s belief is, “it’s time to stop letting the future control us so let us start controlling it”… by “LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE” To live one’s best life is to say and do or be surround by the things that create the best you!!”

2023 will be a new chapter. We will see Col working on a feature film, performing at festivals and touring to towns to play for his loyal and loving fans.

“Living Your Best Life” is an exciting up-tempo track and is his first single release since 2018, but it is the start of many tracks focused on Living Our Best Lives. The emotion and energy behind this song are evident as Col explains: “Life is treating people hard, the uncertainty is overwhelming, we need to turn it around and the only person who can turn it around is YOU!!! Immediately we can do it by choosing the path we walk and our tone when we talk. Creating a better place for others will create a better space for YOU!!”

With Col Finley’s seventh commercially released album on the horizon, his love for his crafted songs will be a big feature in this new project with the album being released in 2024. “The passion and drive that I get when I write and perform inspires me to keep producing. Music is so powerful and still so deep in my soul, I just love it and all it creates”.

Expect to see Col touring extensively in 2023-24 along with many highly anticipated new music releases. An exciting year awaits.


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August 24, 2022