Few can say their love for music came to them via an air vent. Canadian Country singer/songwriter Danielle Todd can. In her childhood bedroom, complete with pastel sponge paint and horse wallpaper, Danielle would fall asleep to the sound of her father’s music coming through the air vent from his basement studio. Watching him work his magic she would marvel at the way he could make a song come together, until one day, her dad just needed her out of his hair. As Danielle fondly recalls, he handed her a CD with Patsy Cline’s “Sweet Dreams of You” on it and said, “Don’t come back until you’ve learned it.” Much to her father’s surprise, a mere hour later, four year old Danielle had returned, singing with the gusto of Patsy herself.

From that moment on, Danielle was head over heels for the country croonings of female powerhouses like Patsy, Martina McBride, Shania Twain and Faith Hill. When it came time to find a job in her teenage years, Danielle walked into bar after bar, convincing them to give her a regular slot to sing – even if that slot didn’t yet exist. “The bar owners would be like “Sure, send us a CD”. I just responded, “I don’t have one, and I’m here right now so I’ll just sing here”. And that was that.

Pretty soon, Danielle made a name for herself in the Ontario music scene, not to mention in Australia as a result of a year-long working vacation. Before long, Danielle realised she wanted to be where music was 24/7 and all-encompassing: none other than Nashville, Tennessee. Knowing she had some fierce competition awaiting her on Broadway, Danielle learned over 250 cover song before packing up her 1999 Honda Odyssey “soccer mom van” as Danielle jokingly puts it. “I figured if worse came to worse, at least I had a van I could live in”, she laughs.

Thankfully, it never came to that. Working five to seven days a week, often times up to 14 shifts in a row, Danielle earned her keep under the neon lights of Broadway. Whenever she wasn’t singing, Danielle was honing her songwriting craft, a passion that had stuck as a result of working with acclaimed Ontario songwriter, Ambre McLean, encouraging Danielle to take up the piano and attend various songwriting retreats.

With the help of country/pop producer Grady James, Danielle uncovered her sound, melding pop/soul/rock and classic country to become what Danielle best describes as “classic country gone pop.” With the pop sensibilities of the likes of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, a focus on country acoustic elements and a dash of quirkiness Danielle finds indicative of her sound, songs like her debut single “Crazy” came to be. Released in early 2019, “Crazy”, co-penned with Bobbi Holliday and Caitie Thompson, took Danielle to higher heights, achieving accolades like Ontario’s Artist of the Month in April 2019 and winning Country 104’s “Women in Country March Madness” with Carrie Underwood as the competition. The fresh, upbeat tune even went so far as to enjoying a spot at #80 on Canada’s Trax Report, #13 on Australia’s premier KIX Country radio charts and #34 on Australia’s Top 50 Music Network Charts which combines radio airplay.

The accomplished single was followed by the releases of the raw and emotional “Blue”, also co-penned by Holliday, and “Back Burner”. The latter, written with Natascha Myers and Curt Gibbs, unveils a fierce and edgy side to Danielle’s natural charm, focusing on the empowerment of walking away from a toxic relationship. The highly anticipated radio single will be followed with a Canadian East Coast radio tour and a run of shows in Australia in early 2020, which will include performances at the country’s longest running musical event, Tamworth Country Music Festival.


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