Briana Dinsdale

In the world of country music, a fresh, vibrant talent is emerging. Briana Dinsdale has a voice that captures the essence of both heartache and hope, and her journey in music has already been marked by remarkable achievements. In 2022, Briana’s dedication to her craft were recognised when she was awarded the prestigious Keith Urban Scholarship to The CMAA Academy of Country Music.

Briana’s live performances are a testament to her captivating stage presence. Having graced the stages of acclaimed festivals such as the Groundwater Country Music Festival and the Gympie Music Muster, whilst also sharing stages with artists such as the Wolfe Brothers, John Williamson, Pete Murray, and The Whitlams.

What truly sets Briana apart is her exceptional songwriting prowess. Her lyrics resonate with wisdom beyond her years, delving into deep emotions that connect with listeners of all ages. Recognizing her talent, Briana has had the privilege of collaborating and co-writing with esteemed artists such as Casey Barnes and Bill Chambers, both ARIA award winners, and Melody Moko and Lyn Bowtell, both Golden Guitar winners.

Looking ahead, Briana is set to make waves with her latest single,“Whiskey Worked That Way.” Co-written with Chloe Styler, Jen Mize, and Robbie Mortimer, the song is a testament to Briana’s continuous evolution as an artist. Produced by the talented duo Michael and Caleb Flanders in the heart of Nashville, TN, the single promises to captivate audiences with its rich storytelling and soulful melodies. Additionally, Briana and her band are gearing up to play multiple large country music festivals around Australia throughout 2024, further solidifying her presence as a rising force in the country music scene.

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July 8, 2022