Talented Queensland based singer-songwriter Mel Lukin is set to make her mark in 2023 with a fresh wave of music, a revamped image and a contagious positive energy.

Her new offering, “Look Up” is a feel-good country track that incorporates harmonic flavours, showcasing her unique style while staying true to her musical roots. In this song, Lukin explores the impact of social media, screens, and the digital age on today’s young people and society as a whole. With heartfelt lyrics and a compelling message, “Look Up” urges listeners to break free from the digital distractions and reconnect with the world around them. Lukin’s powerful vocals and emotive delivery bring the song to life, making it a captivating anthem that resonates with listeners of all ages. With its timely and thought-provoking subject matter “Look Up” is poised to make waves on the airwaves, reminding us all to embrace the present moment and cherish the real connections in our lives. Get ready to be swept away by this enchanting country track that invites us to rediscover the beauty of the world when we simply take the time to “Look Up”.

“I wrote this song with talented songwriter, Nolan Wynne’ in May of last year. We sat down together and just started chatting about life as you do when starting the writing process. He has young girls also, and we shared common experiences and concerns which made writing this song so fulfilling. I had the title ‘Look Up’ and the concept for a quite a while, and Nolan and I rounded it out together and created the song ‘Look Up’. Currently, kids and teens hardly engage in face-to-face conversations, and is is crucial for us to help our youth in redirecting their attention towards the real world. Together, let’s encourage our young people to “Look Up”. This song means so much to me personally and it’s my honest to date”.

Mel is no stranger to the music industry. Her debut single ‘On The Water’ released in 2020 was featured in the HBO US TV series ‘Almost Paradise’ while her song ‘Caught up in a Dream’ made waves on radio charts in 2021, with the music video also featured on Foxtel’s CMT. Earlier this year she unveiled her latest single ‘One Way Ticket’ further solidifying her growing popularity. Inspired by artists such as Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, The Chicks and Faith Hill, Mel’s captivating vocals and uplifting messages shine through in her releases.

Mel’s musical prowess and narrative storytelling have earned her praise from festival-goers. She has performed alongside renowned artists like Brad Butcher, Matt Cornell and James Blundell at events like ‘Country on Keppel’ as well as the inaugural ‘Down on the Farm’ festival.

Mel Lukin offers an uplifting musical experience with catchy melodies and an irresistible island party ambiance. Her positive energy and melodic charm create a world of good vibes and memorable tunes for her listeners. Stay tuned for show announcements to promote Mel’s 2023 releases.

Mel Lukin’s new single ‘Look Up’ is out at radio on Monday 26th June and all digital services Friday 30th June.

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