Roots artist Mitch King presents his new single, ‘Time Stands Still’, written about the simple pleasures of life, appreciating the journey, and being grateful for every moment you encounter.

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Mitch King spends his days travelling around Australia in his campervan, playing his music at venues and festivals across the country. His independently released singles ‘Burning’ and ‘Believe’ have amassed almost 3 million streams between them. In 2020, Mitch is focusing on writing new music and collaborating with artists including The Temper Trap, The Pierce Brothers and Diesel.

Mitch says, “’Time Stands Still’ was written at a point in my life where I was feeling frustrated, and not where I wanted to be. I took my time and acknowledged the way I felt about things, and I realised that life’s not a race, it’s about enjoying the journey, kind of like a good road trip. Smell the roses, and live life without the self-inflicted pressure that one can put on oneself.”

Mitch spent his teen years busking every weekend and has built an impressive live show which has seen him support the likes of Tones And I, America The Band, and Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson.

To celebrate the release of ‘Time Stands Still’, Mitch will be heading out on the road throughout March, playing shows along Australia’s east coast.

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