Nashville based Canadian singer-songwriter Danielle Todd announces the worldwide February 11th release of her new single ‘Heat of the Moment’. The energetic pop-country track (co-written with US based singer-songwriter Brooke Lynn) is Todd’s first release since the 2020 release of her high-impact single ‘Backburner’, which made Top 20 on the KIX Country Charts and #23 on the Music Network Hottest 50 Charts. Her preceding single, ‘Crazy’ made similar strides with a Top 20 seat on the KIX Country Charts, additionally reaching #37 on the Music Network Hottest 50 Charts.

‘Heat of the Moment’ is an up-tempo, pop country song that sums up what it means to be young and carefree, caught up in the joys of living. With lyrics about seizing the moment and staying wild, Danielle Todd’s latest single begins introspective and nostalgic before picking up momentum. The track is an energetic and uplifting summertime jam, sure to have you reminiscing about your own glory days.

“Heat of the Moment” has been a song that I’ve been hanging onto for quite some time. I’ve held it close to my heart and had always planned on releasing it when the time was right. The second verse of the song, in particular, is something that I am so incredibly proud of. It really shines a light on some of life’s darkest moments and it is a great reminder to appreciate every moment that we have. While the lyrics can be “deeper” in the verses, the chorus lyrics are light and upbeat which I’ve always loved about this track. On top of that, the production turned this song into a boppin’ tune and I love how the production and lyrics can wake up some forgotten memories in your head. Nostalgia is a very hard feeling to recreate and I feel like this song achieves that. I listen to it and I’m instantly taken back to those fleeting moments in high school, first love, first weekend away with friends, that whole carefree, ‘we are unstoppable,” feeling comes right back. It is a reminder on how important it is to keep those feelings alive, make every single second count, and live in “The Heat of the Moment.”

Following such wonderful support from country radio stations across the whole of Australia, Todd looks forward to showing how far she has come in the last two years. Danielle also performed at Tamworth Country Music Festival 2020 including a spot on the main stage of Toyota Park as part of the International Showcase.

Danielle Todd’s new single ‘Heat of the Moment’ is out at Australian radio on 7th February and on digitals 11th February.

Distributed to radio via Checked Label Services.


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