Sunshine Coast based singer-songwriter Shanleigh Rose is hitting the country music scene in a fresh vibrant way. After performances at Tamworth Country Music Festival earlier this year, Shanleigh returns with a new emotive song “Ricochet”.

“Ricochet” is a tour de force of lyrical genius and timeless mythic references that blend to create 2024’s soundtrack to letting go. It’s a modern take on a historical precedent that leaves no question about what to do when people hold you back from your fullest potential. Shanleigh rewrites her mythology from Sisyphus to Narcissus and learns to break the cycle, finally finding her way to the top. “I could break my back rolling stones, but I’d rather just move on” is the line that ties everything together, showing that the best way to move forward is to let go of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that waste our time and energy.

“The Idea for Ricochet came about when I was dealing with the aftermath of a guy who had hurt me. On the one hand, I wanted to do everything I could to make him sorry for what he did. However, that goal consumed my time, mind, and life, though it didn’t affect him at all. That was when I realized it would be a much more productive and healthy use of my time to forget and move on rather than waste hours fantasizing about revenge. After writing the chorus and bridge of this song during a Math lesson at school, I went home and asked my brother to help me with the verse, and he suggested using the Greek myth of Sisyphus as a touchstone for what it felt like to engage in the futile desire for revenge. After that, the song was complete and became something that I knew others (and myself) needed to hear.” Shanleigh Rose

Shanleigh Rose has established herself as an exciting new singer-songwriter known for her stage presence, mesmerizing vocals, and incredible songwriting skills. Despite being a new artist, she has already achieved many milestones in our fast-paced country music scene.

Shanleigh has built a solid foundation in the industry, having graduated from the 2023 CMAA Junior Academy and THE DAG Songwriter Retreat, where she worked with Golden Guitar winners Luke O’Shea and Ashleigh Dallas. She also won the 2023 Gympie Muster Junior Talent Search and was announced as a Top 10 Finalist in the Groundwater Country Music Festival KIX Start Competition, in conjunction with major country radio station KIX Country. This led to being invited to perform at events such as Tamworth Country Music Festival, Beat the Retreat Veterans Concert, Rangebow Festival and Maleny Music Festival.

Previous track “Here We Go Again”, released in September 2023, gained airplay on major stations KIX Country and Australian Country Radio. It has been streamed over 48,000 times, making it her most successful song of 2023. The song was added to popular Spotify-curated playlists ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘Fresh Country Finds’.

2024 started off with a bang with Shanleigh winning the Tamworth Songwriter’s Association John P Toomey Commemorative Award for Youth Songwriting with her song “Good Luck With Your Love”. She also won a Capitol Country Music Association Award for Junior Songwriter of the Year with her song “Boy Next Door”, and shared the stage with artists Luke O’Shea, Col Finley and Kelly Cork.

Shanleigh Rose is excited for her next chapter and invites you to follow her journey. With an endearing presence, and signature blend of emotion and passion, she’s ready to capture hearts sharing her stories through music and performance.

Shanleigh Rose’s new single ‘Ricochet’ is out at radio on 15th April and all digital services on Friday 19th April.

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