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I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Toni Childs, and I am an Emmy Winner and three-time Grammy nominated recording artist.   I am recently back from an amazing music trek in Nepal where we debuted my new album It’s All a Beautiful Noise at 10,000ft, and gave a series of free concerts for the people who live on the Annapurna Circuit.

We trekked a total of 11 days (April 10th to the 20th) on a small portion of the entire Annapurna Circuit.  52 people made up our trekking party.  Two Guides and 25 sherpas would carry most of our gear up and down the mountain range.  Things like generators, electric guitars, keyboards, amps and a fold up drum kit (which I never knew existed till I did this trek) etc.

It would turn out we left Nepal just 36 hours before the devastating earthquake would hit, leaving us all gutted, concerned and with bittersweet feelings for our trip and the Nepal crew we left behind.  It took us a quite a few days to hear news from our beautiful Nepalese friends.  Hari at Life Dream Adventures who organised our trek, was the first to make contact, then our guides Sabin and Ob.  We were told that most of our sherpas were accounted for but we are still waiting to hear what has happened to the ones who lived near the epicentre.    We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed.  Every one of our Nepal crew we’ve heard from lost their home, place of business and villages but happily their families are safe.

Since our return, I have been busy organising a benefit concert in collaboration with Naren and Sono at Crystal Castle in Mullumbimby NSW, the Byron Bay Community Radio Station – BayFM and the community radio network across Australia, Bigg Sound, Renny Sax Photography and Oz Tix.

With the active support of BayFM Manager Billy Bartin and the Byron Bay community radio station, our benefit concert will be broadcast in full to the local community and edited down to one hour for national broadcast.  The hour broadcast will feature the best performances of the event, intercut with in-depth on the ground commentary like interviews with the Australian Embassy in Nepal.   This will give us the opportunity to gather a massive amount of support.

It is very important to all of us working on this event that 100% of what is raised goes to the people of Nepal.  Your giving goes four ways.

1) Tents to Nepal – immediate shelter relief
2) Karuna-Shechen – food and medical relief efforts by the monks
3) Access Nepal – mental health work

4) Funds taken directly to people and groups on the ground

This event will take place on SATURDAY 30TH MAY from 3pm  – 7pm at Crystal Castle, Mullumbimby, NSW.    Your generosity, kindness and love will go a long way to help rebuild the lives of those who have been affected by this devastating earthquake.

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Rebuild Nepal Promo Go from tonichilds on Vimeo.