‘Bewitched’ is the new single from 2024 Toyota Starmaker Top 10 Grand Finalist Piper Rodrigues. It is the first step in Rodrigues’ self-titled new direction known as “Cosmic Country”. Co-written with Chloe Styler and produced by Cody McWaters and Jack Hudson, this is a song that blends the freshest sounds of country and pop production styles resulting in an ear worm sensory overload. “Bewitched” pens the tale of a past lover casting a spell of disenchantment upon all future pursuits of the heart, however, the song celebrates the overpowering joy in proving the antagonist wrong. This song brings a fresh and vibrant palette of song colours and flavours to the table alongside its catchy hook themes and stadium ringing backing vocals; it is sure to leave you feeling “Bewitched”.

“Releasing music is always so exciting and it is no different with ‘Bewitched’. I wrote this song about an ex who told me I’d never find better than him, to let him know that he’s been proved wrong. For me, ‘Bewitched’ is a song for the girls who know that they deserve better and go out and find it. I’m so excited to be starting this new chapter of music with this track! It felt so empowering to write and I hope it makes you feel empowered singing along”.

Piper’s four previous singles have debuted in the AMRAP Regional Top 10 with her single ‘Exit Wound’ debuting at #2 and gained various Apple Music playlists. Piper’s earlier 2024 release ‘Watch Your Step’ garnered attention from radio around the country and gained placement on multiple Apple Music Playlists including ‘Aussie Country’, ‘Country Risers’ and ‘New Music Daily’.

A favourite amongst her fellow country music peers, Piper Rodrigues has supported artists such as Hayley Jensen, Ashleigh Dallas, Allison Forbes, Tori Forsyth, Amber Lawrence, and Catherine Britt and is set to perform at Texas Country Music Festival this September.

With its irresistible charm and infectious energy, “Bewitched” is sure to leave listeners spellbound.

Piper Rodrigues’ new single ‘Bewitched’ is out to radio on Monday 13th May and digital platforms on Friday 17th May.

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Sunday 26th May
Sol Bar
Supporting Tori Forsyth
Sunshine Coast QLD

Thursday 26th September – Saturday 28th September
Texas Country Music Festival
Texas QLD



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