In a world where love sometimes takes unexpected turns, Natalie Pearson navigates the winding roads of relationships with her latest single, “Woman in Blue.” This infectious Country-Pop anthem is set to make waves, offering a unique twist on love, devotion, and the allure of a blue Chevy.

Co-written during a dynamic SongCulture session with the acclaimed Golden Guitar winner James Johnston, and Gavin Carfoot, “Woman in Blue” is a testament to the magic that happens when creative minds converge. Natalie shares the inspiration behind the song’s concept, saying, “I dated a guy who spent every weekend working on his car – a blue Datson actually, for years, and I (jokingly) started to question if he was ACTUALLY working on his car… and the song title ‘Woman in Blue’ was born and has sat in my phone notes waiting for the perfect engine to kick this song into gear.”

Taking the concept to Jared Adlam for production, Natalie reflects on the collaborative process, “Working with James and Gavin writing this song was such a fun process and it came about fairly quickly. I knew I wanted to work on it with Jared for production. We actually had a whole other sound concept created which was very cool, but ended up going with a more pop approach than before. We worked it and re-worked it, and just like a car, all that TLC has given it some nice wheels!”

Debuting on the main stage at Groundwater Country Music Festival, “Woman in Blue” became an instant fan favorite. Natalie recalls the energy on stage, “The energy on the main stage at Groundwater was amazing, and the overall fan favorite from my set was actually Woman in Blue, so I figured we should release it!”

Reflecting on her evolving sound and recent success with national store placements, Natalie Pearson shares, “My sound has definitely been evolving over the last few years, and I love working with Jared; he always has killer ideas and completely brings songs to life.” “Finding out that my songs have been playing nationally in stores at one of the most well-known brands in Australia was such a thrill! I had friends messaging me saying they’d heard me in-store, and knowing that I have the opportunity to be heard by such a huge audience really means so much to me as an independent, self-funded, and self-managed artist.”

Scheduled for radio release on March 25th and available digitally on April 5th, “Woman in Blue” promises a toe-tapping, uplifting experience. Get ready to embark on a musical journey filled with love, laughter, and the unexpected.



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